LAFAYETTE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Beak and Skiff adds “The Houses at Beak and Skiff” to their long list of amenities, making it even more of an appealing destination.

Eddie Brennan, the President of Beak and Skiff, says they bought their first house, the Honeycrisp House, four years ago and it became popular only a couple years ago. “It kind of happened right at the beginning of the pandemic, so there was a connection there, and I think people wanted to travel, and not everyone wants to stay in a hotel and this is such a unique place.” He said the house booked up in about two weeks.

Brennan then realized there was a demand, so they bought another one. “So right now we’re standing at the Orchard Overlook, which is obvious because we’re looking over the Beak and Skiff commercial orchards, so all of the houses we try to have some interesting features so a pool, and this one has a pool and a hot tub.”

He says there are over a dozen acts on their concert series schedule, so these houses will be good for events like that. “We’re all about creating new experiences and for us — this is to bring our customers closer to the property so yes, we’re growing, but this is much more of an intimate experience where a group of five to ten people can really experience the orchard, come for a tour, and not leave the property.”

Brennan has had his own struggles over the past couple years, so this is a light after a time of darkness. “Times are challenging, but I think if you look at inflation, it’s up 10% year over year. Cost of raw materials are going up and we’re experiencing our challenges as well — as far as transportation and just getting access to raw materials, so that’s been a challenge, so we’ve been blessed to have people, and you know, people are looking for experiences right now.”

He’s building another house called the Blossom Retreat, which over looks the Orchard. The Honeycrisp House and The Orchard Overlook are available for booking here.