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CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Golden, local honey.

Colton Griffin describes it as, “Sticky, yummy and good.”

This greenhouse in the Town of Clay is buzzing – not with bees – with people, eager to get their hands on the harvesting process.

Don MacCombie, Owner of Sunshine Honeybee Farms, said, “So what we’ve done is taken honey out of the hives and what I’ve done is set it in the freezer for at least 48 hours.”

That’s to make sure the honey isn’t buggy. Then it gets heated back to its ambient hive temperature of 100 degrees.

MacCombie said, “That makes it all loose like that you can see that it’s very runny like water.”

To make it run, just throw on some gloves, grab a fork and remove the seal the bees made.

Lindsay Raychel said, “So we’re just uncapping it so the honey can flow naturally?”

MacCombie said, “Yeah, exactly. They cap it to hold it in, we’re uncapping it to get it out.”

Then to the extractor, a device that spins the frames, using a centrifugal force to pull out all the honey.

MacCombie said, “Just like a clothes washer spins the water out of clothes.”

Then this sugary goodness gets heated, filtered and bottled.

Chrissy Clancy said, “We do have a honey tasting over here with Colton who knows a lot about bees and he knows a lot more than I know about it so line up over at the table and we’ll get you a taste of fresh local, raw honey.”

A treat that tastes like pure bliss, but to Don, it’s about much more. It’s about being self-sufficient and passing the knowledge and passion down to his grandson, Colton.

MacCombie said, “It’s like anything else- if the kids start learning things at a younger age, they’ll be hooked for life.”

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