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SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Weather isn’t even close to the biggest headache for people who drive on Electronics Parkway. It’s one of the more popular questions into the Your Stories team: why haven’t the traffic lights on Electronics Parkway been synchronized?

It’s supposed to be part of a multi-million dollar project to make the commute smoother. However, many viewers are calling and emailing the Your Stories line, complaining that they’re still hitting nearly every light.

“Just constant stopping and starting,” said Michele Miner from Liverpool. She’s certain the traffic lights are not on the same circuit.

On her way home each day, Miner is always pressing the brake pedal, “You end up stopping at least at three of them it seems,” she said.

Synchronizing the lights between Hopkins Road and Old Liverpool Road was part of a recent construction project, but the switch hasn’t been flipped.

“Why are we sitting here? Why is there a red light if there’s no traffic coming the other way,” asked Miner.

So what’s keeping the Onondaga County Department of Transportation from powering up the new poles? Well, they haven’t arrived yet.

The DOT Commissioner, Marty Voss, tells NewsChannel 9 there’s a national shortage of steel traffic signal poles.

“There is no one that wants to have the Electronics Parkway project 100% complete more than we do. Due to a national shortage of steel traffic signal poles, many transportation projects have had significant delays in final installations. We are working on a temporary work-around for winter that will actuate the signals on Electronics Parkway until the new steel poles and signal heads are delivered to the contractor for final installation.”

Mary Voss
Commissioner, Onondaga County DOT

Voss says one of the signal pole vendors, Union Metal, went out of business. It was one of the country’s leading manufacturers of street-lighting equipment. 

As a result, the contractor for the Electronics Parkway project has not been able to get the new signal poles, heads, or cameras, which is why they’re not actuated.

However, Voss says the new signal poles were put up on Buckley Road and Dolshire Drive last week. The county was also able to have the cameras and controller installed on the old signals on the Taft Road project.

As a temporary fix for Electronics Parkway, the county is hoping to install new cameras on the old poles to get the signals actuated, but it’s weather dependent.

“When they do construction on these projects they do a good job, so I just wish that they do improve the traffic signals, hopefully soon,” said Miner.

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