Thinking Like A Burglar: An ex-burglar offers advice on how to keep your home safe

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They strike within minutes when you least expect, to steal your money and valuables. 

To better protect your home from a thief, NewsChannel 9’s Christie Casciano went to the best source— an ex-burglar who is lodged inside the county jail in Jamesville.

A convicted burglar, who goes by “Baxter” has been a model inmate, winning praise from supervisors inside this county jail. He is ready to turn his life around. Now retired from taking valuables from homes, he is giving you valuable advice to keep your home safe.

Lesson number one, he says: know when they strike. It’s not when you think.

“Call it the witching hour. I used to call it, right before daylight, right before the day gets started. People are up, leaving and going to work. That would be my prime hour because everyone is quiet. They are still in that sleep 4-5 in the morning before daylight. I struck a lot of places at that time,” Baxter said.

He says homeowners often make it easy.

If you want to keep a burglar out, lock all your doors and windows. Something that seems like common sense is actually something a lot of homeowners forget to do.

“A lot of people… they won’t leave their front door unlocked, but the door to the garage in the back, or that window open, because they don’t think people come around the back,” Baxter said.

Closing your blinds and curtains will limit what burglars can see inside. Outside, they may be watching your every move.

Baxter has actually staked out a home.

“I would watch the home. I was watching people,” he said.

The homeowners had no idea he was watching.

Baxter wouldn’t be waiting in his car, but rather would be on foot, something he says to look out for— strangers hanging around your neighborhood.

Baxter says he would often look for dark areas near windows or doors. So keeping lights on inside and outside, can also help keep the bad guys away.

He also says a security system with video surveillance is worth the investment.

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