PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Despite a little bit of snow, thousands still flocked to Gobbler’s Knob Sunday for what the Inner Circle is calling the biggest turnout in Groundhog Day history.

In an unprecedented prediction, Punxsutawney Phil foretells an early spring two years in a row for the first time ever.

Whether or not the visitors agreed with his prediction, they still came from all over for a chance to join in the Groundhog Day celebration.

“We had to gear up to be here,” Bonnie Cashmiri, who came from Florida, said. “I looked all over in the Florida stores, I couldn’t find any winter stuff, so it was really fun to get it.”

“I share the special day with the best person ever, Phil, so I had to come and see him,” Kaitlyn Chetney, a Penn State student, said. “I’ve always dreamed to come and see Phil.”

With a full morning of music and festivities, some, like the Philbin sisters, dressed up in full groundhog attire.

“It was time to come to Punxsutawney and see Phil,” Erin Philbin-Parfitt said. “We don’t do anything halfway, so we had to have hats and stuffies.”

It’s a tradition that brings people back year after year.

“This is my 12th year here, there’s just something about it,” Ryan Teti from Ohio said. “Every year I want to get here.”

“It’s just something to tell other people, I went to groundhog day,” Liz Allen said.

This is only the 20th time Phil has predicted an early spring in Groundhog Day’s 134-year history.

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