ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Three people are facing animal cruelty charges, accused of operating a backyard breeding business and selling sick puppies in Oneida County. The adoption center was called Whispering Pines Animal Rescue. 

An investigation began a couple of months ago after they started getting calls that people were buying puppies from the Waterville home. Most got sick and died from diseases like parvo and pneumonia. Sixty dogs for sale were taken, plus four cats and one bird, which were family pets. 

Horst Kunze, 66, Brenda Kunze, 62, and Joseph Kunze, 40, are all facing charges for housing animals in unhealthy and unstable conditions. 

The vet in charge of the case says most of the animals rescued should recover now that they’re being better taken care of. 

“People feel sorry for them and want to adopt them. They know they’re sick. And you know it’s definitely a buyer beware. If you don’t know where you’re getting them from, if you’re not getting vet records, it could turn into a negative outcome,” said Wiliam Pulaski, Chief, Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.

Brenda Kunze is currently the only person charged with selling the dogs. She and Horst Kunze are also facing weapons charges after several illegal guns were found in the home. Charges may change as the investigation continues. 

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who adopted a dog from Whispering Pines to call the CNY SPCA at (315) 454-3469.

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