SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Many fast food restaurants are starting to ask for tips when people pay with a card, and some neighbors feel there’s no need to tip when picking up a meal.

James Paolini, from Manlius, said he enjoys his cup of coffee from Bruegger’s Bagels but now they’re asking for tip. “It comes up on the screen, it gives you the option and honestly they have a tip jar out as well and there’s a certain maybe unintended pressure that they put on the customer.”

Paolini feels that a ten to 20 second interaction with an employee isn’t worth a tip.

Matthew Godard owns Café Kubal.

He said he believes some service employees do deserve a tip, but it depends on how they treat the customer. “As an owner I want my customers to feel compelled to tip because they have had such a good experience.” He added, “that’s what we’re striving for and a way to motivate my staff is to let them know they’ll earn good tips and the key word is earned.”

Godard says tipping gives his employees incentive. “It helps with our continuity and our training, we have less turnover and I think that it encourages our staff to provide a good experience for the customers.” He says you can’t put a price on good service.

Paolini says he will continue to tip based on the kind of service he gets. “To me, a tip is a reflection of the quality of service, many people feel that it’s not expected unless the service is above and beyond.”