EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — As temps drop, road conditions worsen. We’re heading into the winter season, and it’s time to prep your car, starting now.

“Really right now is a good time to start winterizing your car. You want to start getting ahead of it before the snow actually gets here, starts flying,” said John Carroll, fleet operations assistant manager of CNY at AAA.

It all starts with the tires on your car.

“Snow tires are recommended with the heavy snowfall we typically see here in Central New York. So a good set of snow tires is the best way to go in our area. All four tires,” said Carroll.

Check your batteries. Make sure they’re in good condition and your charging system is also working.

As for what you should keep inside your car.

“During the winter time you want to make sure you have a fully charged cell phone in an event that you do have an emergency in case you need to contact somebody, carry a bottle of water, some snacks in case you do get stranded is always a good idea,” said Carroll.

“Also something as simple as kitty litter if you get stuck in a slippery situation. Putting it under the tires, something that can help you get out of that situation,” he continued.

Always try to keep your gas tank full, and make sure you have at least half a tank during the winter months, just in case you get stranded.

It also helps alleviate condensation that may build up in the gas tank.