Toggenburg Mountain in Fabius opens up a month early for customers

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FABIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A record-breaking opening for Toggenburg Mountain Ski Center in Fabius and Greek Peak in Cortland this weekend. Both mountains are open a month earlier than normal. Something those at Toggenburg say hasn’t happened in decades, and possibly, ever before.

“We were so excited,” said Sarah Love, who comes to Toggenburg often. “We love skiing.”

Those in the Love family are competitive skiers, and this gives them some extra training before the season starts.

“Most of the time, in order to get out this early, we’ve got to travel either up north into the Adirondacks or to Vermont or even into Maine,” Ted Love said.

Toggenburg Mountain started making snow last week and right now, they have one slope open that they hope to keep open and continue to build on until the full season starts in the middle of December.

“We are watching the weather conditions and the weather reports on an hourly basis and sometimes minute by minute, and when there’s an opportunity to take advantage, we do,” said Drew Broderick, VP of Sales and Marketing for Toggenburg and Greek Peak.

Though we haven’t seen too much snow, because of the cold temperatures, they’re relying on their nearly 40 snow guns to cover the slopes.

“We get ready in November and we’re all excited and hope for an early-season but really you just don’t know until pretty much the day before opening day when you get the green light that you’ve got enough base to open,” Broderick said.

Now, they’re hoping it sticks, as they’re taking a risk for their customers.

“For us it’s just about getting out there and having a little bit of fun and enjoying the weather,” Ted Love said.

“That’s what’s important you know. Get outside, get off your device, come out, have a good time,” Broderick said.

Toggenburg will be open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Right now, they have the main slope and one lift open. The Foggy Goggle, their popular pub, will open at a later date.

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