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ORISKANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Bomb squads, tactical teams, and role-playing. Police simulated attacks we’ve seen across the country. Though this is all fake, it’s as real as it gets for law enforcement. 

“It’s a huge advantage for us to go through it and be able to learn from it as opposed to being thrown into it like a lot of officers are for the first time,” said Joseph Commissio of the Syracuse Police Department.

Local, state, and federal agencies are suiting up, going through life-like scenarios like a protest that’s led to an attack. They learn from each other and make sure they are prepared if this ever were to happen because if a shooter strikes, it won’t be just one agency responding, but everyone will have to think fast, together. 

“Understanding each other’s limitations, their capabilities, really helps out in a scene because now you know what each other can do and you have that additional resource to help you out,” said Lt. FrankDiscala of the Nassau County Police Department.

Tackling these threats head-on while still keeping in mind when it comes to the real deal, anything can happen. 

That’s why Captain Tito Durrette of the Charlottesville Police Department is here. He responded when a man ran over dozens of protestors in August 2017, killing one person. It’s something Durrette’s department had never seen before. Now, he wants all officers to be aware of what’s out there. 

Durrette said, “The sad part of it is, it looks like it’s going to be the norm now. Because we just don’t know and failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.”

“Is this something we would have done 20 years ago? Why now? Why are we doing this?”  Julia LeBlanc asked.

Commissio replied, “It’s a sign of the times, right? So it’s what we’re up against. There’s a lot of evil in this world and  we definitely need something to combat it.”

Ready to put this practice into play when tragedy strikes.

Wednesday’s training included more than 110 members of law enforcement from the U.S. and Canada.

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