CORTLANDVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Two hunters in Cortland County face several charges for illegally taking a deer while driving around in a taxi.

Two men were pulled over by the Cortland County Sherriff’s Department in early January while they were attempting to recover a deer they illegally shot the day before by hauling it into their taxicab. According to ECOs, the taxicab was also used when they illegally shot the deer.

In 2021, 282 Environment Conservation Police Officers (ECOs) and Investigators responded to 26,207 calls across New York State. These calls ranged from illegal mining to black market pet trade — in this case, deer poaching.

The two hunters were issued nine charges, including eight misdemeanors. They included:

  • criminal possession of a weapon
  • possession of a gun and a light in a motor vehicle
  • taking deer with the aid of artificial light
  • shooting from a public highway
  • shooting within 500 feet of an occupied dwelling
  • possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle
  • taking wildlife from a motor vehicle

According to ECOs, the case will be handled in the Town of Cortlandville Court.