(WSYR-TV) — Two house fires happened near the westside neighborhood on the evening of Thursday, September 1.

911 Center told the Syracuse Fire Department of a possible fire at 501 Tully Street at 9:49 p.m. and Air-1, the sheriff’s helicopter, was flying over the area and confirmed that the building was on fire.

In just over two minutes, firefighters from Station 6 were on the scene of a 2.5-story, multi-occupancy house with heavy fire and smoke on the top floor. The house was the former “Tully Pizza and Food,” but has been vacant in recent years.

Firefighters went up to the attic to put out the fire and others searched for victims. They found none.

Syracuse Fire Department says there were no injuries and the fire was successfully put out in the attic. Firefighters stayed on the scene to ensure there was no hidden fire and everything was completely put out. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

While putting out the fire at 501 Tully Street, firefighters from Station 1 went to the scene of another fire in the 700 block of Tully Street after a call came into the 911 Center at 11 p.m. One minute after arriving, firefighters found a 2-story building that had a fire on the top floor and through the roof.

The Syracuse Fire Department says that one side of the building looked to be on the verge of collapsing and had an unstable chimney. Because of this, nobody entered the building and a collapse zone was cordoned off by the safety officer.

Firefighters used defensive work to make sure nearby buildings were protected from the intense heat. They used handlines, portable, and aerial-mounted master streams to pump water into the building that was on fire and the master streams were used to knock over the unstable chimney, according to the Syracuse Fire Department.

Firefighters stayed on the scene to make sure the fire was fully put out and picked up their equipment at 2:45 a.m.

Syracuse Fire Department says there were no people in the building and no injuries. The cause of the second fire is also still under investigation.

According to Syracuse Fire Department, there is no established link between the two fires at this point and they would like to thank their partners 911 Center, National Grid, Syracuse Police, AMR, and the American Red Cross.