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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Precision and focus. It’s something Cali West and Robin Curry have mastered after years of practice. These Syracuse women are heading to Romania for the World Cup of Darts in just a few weeks. Both West and Curry will be representing Team USA.

“I was an athlete in college and you know, as you get older, you can’t really do all those things as much and this is a great outlet for my competitive spirit,” West said.

When they’re not competing across the country, West and Curry are playing in their Salt City Dart League once a week, where they visit local bars and compete.

“Once you find a league and you kind of find the, I don’t know, the secret entrance, you know, and then it’s just a whole world of a lot of really cool people and a lot of great opportunities,” West said.

And those local match-ups are pretty serious, too. If you make it far, you could walk away with thousands of dollars.

But for these women, it’s not about the money or the awards.

“I’ve got lifelong friendships with some of these people. And when darts are over, we’ll all still be friends. And that’s very special,” said Curry.

A sport not many people play on the professional level, but West and Curry hope that changes soon.

Whether on a recreational basis or whether it brings you overseas, these women want more people on their team.

“You know, when you get to the opening ceremonies and you put the USA shirt on, you know, it sinks in and there are nerves definitely. But it’s also such an amazing honor to get to put the USA shirt on and get to represent your country. It’s a great feeling,” West said.

This is the fifth consecutive World Cup for West and for Curry, she represented Canada in her last cup. This time, she’ll be throwing for Team USA.

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