SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection reports for restaurants checked during the week of April 17 to April 23, 2022.

Two restaurants failed their inspections: The Market Diner at the Regional Market and the Taste of Africa on Danforth Street in Syracuse. The Market Diner failed with a critical violation.

The Market Diner

Critical Violation: Improper cooling and refrigerated storage of potentially hazardous foods.

Code Requirements: Potentially hazardous foods are not kept at or below 45°F during cold holding, except smoked fish not kept at or below 38°F during cold holding.

Inspector Findings: Approximately 79 raw whole shell eggs noted in a cooler drawer on the cookline at 55-70F. It could not be determined how long the eggs had been out of temperature (corrected- eggs voluntarily discarded). Approximately 10 fish filets noted in a plastic pan sitting on another container of ice. This along with the breading material was on a rolling cart at the end of the cookline. The fish were noted at 57F. According to an employee they have been there less than one hour. (corrected-the fish is put into the freezer for rapid cool down and transferred to a metal pan on ice which will conduct cold more efficiently).

Other violations at The Market Diner included:

  • poor sanitary design, construction, installation of equipment, and utensils
    • all large poly cutting boards were noted in poor repair with heavy staining and cut marks
    • some walk-in cooler racks were noted as rusty. The lower shelf of the rear prep table was noted extremely corroded.
  • improper cleaning, washing, and sanitizing of equipment and utensils
    • blade guard on meat slicer not clean with dried food residue
    • small wire racks next to flat grill not clean with accumulated greasy soil. Interior of some cooler drawers and drawer gaskets is not clean with food soil. Side of salamander on the cookline noted with accumulated dusty soil. Interior of microwaves not clean with food soil
  • improper sanitary facilities and controls
    • no hand wash sign at front wait station hand wash sink and rear prep area hand wash sink (corrected signs provided). Hand wash sink in rear prep area missing soap and single service towels. Employees state that the sink does not work-the sink has running water and drains properly (corrected-soap and single service towels set up). Water accumulates and pools in the aisle leading to the rest rooms-it appears to be coming under the wall from the dish room
  • improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities
    • floors under cookline equipment not clean with accumulated food soil and debris. Some floor areas throughout were noted in poor repair with missing and damaged linoleum tiles

The Taste of Africa

There were no critical violations at The Taste of Africa. Other violations included:

  • food not protected in general
    • spray bottle of degreaser not properly labeled (corrected). The ceramic bowl used as a scoop in raw rice lacks a handle. Some frozen food is not covered
    • knives, cleavers, and various utensils are left on counters and in different locations in an unclean condition
  • poor sanitary design, construction, installation of equipment and utensils
    • two red-painted wooden tables are noted with chipped and worn paint-not smooth and easily cleanable
  • improper cleaning, washing, and sanitizing of equipment and utensils
    • the exterior of the food processor is not clean with accumulated food soil. Interior of reach-in cooler including the wire racks noted not clean with accumulated food soil
    • The interior of the microwave oven not clean with food soil. Most shelving and preparation tables not clean with old food soil
  • improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities
    • most floor areas not clean with environmental and food soil. Some wall areas not clean
    • vent hood filters not clean with accumulated grease

Below is a list of inspected locations that are operating acceptably:

Abdullah Muslim Islamic Center127 West Brighton AvenueSyracuse4/18/2022Inspection
Ale ‘N’ Angus Pub238 Harrison StreetSyracuse4/22/2022Inspection
Ali Baba “Gyros & Tacos”4636 Barker Hill RoadDewitt4/21/2022Inspection
Aloha Krab4 Destiny USA Drive, Space B110Syracuse4/21/2022Inspection
Arctic Island210 West Seneca TurnpikeSyracuse4/18/2022Inspection
Avicolli’s Pizzeria Restaurant7839 Oswego RoadClay4/20/2022Inspection
Baked Potato Express (The)210 Terminal Road WestSalina4/18/2022Inspection
Barnes & Noble Booksellers3956 NYS Route 31Clay4/20/2022Inspection
Bistro to Go @ Saab, Inc.85 Collamer Crossing ParkwayDewitt4/20/2022Inspection
Blue BBQ Commissary4050 Milton AvenueCamillus4/22/2022Inspection
Bold Coast Lobster Co. Commissary224 North Main StreetCicero4/19/2022Inspection
Brewer Union Cafe5771 Miller RoadCicero4/18/2022Inspection
Camillus 1st United Methodist Church12 Genesee StreetCamillus4/18/2022Inspection
Canton Woods Senior Center76 Canton StreetVan Buren4/20/2022Inspection
Chipotle Mexican Grill #19043852 State Route 31Clay4/20/2022Inspection
Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub100 South Lowell AvenueSyracuse4/19/2022Inspection
Dave & Buster’s10335 Destiny USA DriveSyracuse4/21/2022Inspection
Diamond Dolls6720 Townline RoadDewitt4/18/2022Inspection
Fair Deli Mart Mobile Unit757 State Fair BoulevardGeddes4/22/2022Inspection
Faith Lutheran Church6142 State Route 31Cicero4/18/2022Inspection
Five Guys Burgers and Fries3810 NYS Route 31Clay4/20/2022Inspection
H&K Chinese Restaurant7252 State Fair BoulevardVan Buren4/21/2022Inspection
Hopkins Sports Concessions4851 Hopkins RoadSalina4/21/2022Inspection
John Vendetti Post #1500-502 Danforth StreetSyracuse4/18/2022Inspection
Just 1 Bite Too304 South Main StreetClay4/19/2022Inspection
Koffee King Vending Commissary6726 Townline RoadSyracuse4/18/2022Inspection
LeMoyne College Dining Hall1419 Salt Springs RoadDewitt4/21/2022Inspection
Ma & Pa’s Kettle Corn Company201 Old 7th North StreetSalina4/18/2022Inspection
Magnarelli Comm. Ctr. @ McChesney2308 Grant BoulevardSyracuse4/22/2022Inspection
Marcellus Lanes4325 Slate Hill RoadMarcellus4/22/2022Inspection
Marcellus Volunteer Fire Department4242 Slate Hill RoadMarcellus4/22/2022Inspection
McDonalds of Clay3869 Route 31Clay4/18/2022Inspection
Melt4165 Sandbar LaneClay4/18/2022Inspection
Midstate Youth Hockey Association5575 Meltzer CourtCicero4/21/2022Inspection
Moe’s Southwest Grill5663 East Circle DriveCicero4/19/2022Inspection
Onativia United Methodist Church6257 Dodge RoadLafayette4/20/2022Inspection
PEACE Sr Nutr @ Canton Woods Senior76 Canton StreetVan Buren4/20/2022Inspection
Pine Grove Country Club Restaurant4050 Milton AvenueCamillus4/22/2022Inspection
Seneca Knolls Diner7249 State Fair BoulevardVan Buren4/21/2022Inspection
Skippy’s Ice Cream Truck #5210 Terminal RoadSalina4/18/2022Inspection
Skippy’s Ice Cream Truck #6210 West Terminal RoadSalina4/18/2022Inspection
Skippy’s Ice Cream Truck #8210 Terminal RoadSalina4/18/2022Inspection
Skippy’s Soft Serve Truck #1210 Terminal Road WestSalina4/18/2022Inspection
Skippy’s Soft Serve Truck #2210 West Terminal RoadSalina4/18/2022Inspection
Smoke Inc. BBQ6720 Townline RoadDewitt4/18/2022Inspection
St. Cecilia Church1001 Woods RoadGeddes4/20/2022Inspection
St. Mark the Evangelist Episcopal Ch1612 West Genesee StreetSyracuse4/22/2022Inspection
Starbucks Coffee Company #75837567 Oswego RoadClay4/20/2022Inspection
Strong Hearts Cafe900 East Fayette StreetSyracuse4/22/2022Inspection
Subway720 University AvenueSyracuse4/20/2022Inspection
Tommy’s Bar and Grill625 Wolf StreetSyracuse4/18/2022Inspection
Toss ‘n’ Fire Mobile Unit #19388 Woodlawn DriveCicero4/19/2022Inspection
Trailhead Cafe1 Forestry DriveSyracuse4/21/2022Inspection
Tully’s Good Times3355 West Genesee StreetCamillus4/19/2022Inspection
Victoria Restaurant (The)1701 East Fayette StreetSyracuse4/22/2022Inspection
Wendy’s7925 Oswego RoadClay4/20/2022Inspection