SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection reports for restaurants checked during the week of September 18 to 24.

Two food services failed their inspections:

  • Don Juan Cafe, West Seneca Turnpike
  • Sakana-Ya Sushi Bar Walton Street

Read to see how each establishment failed in detail below.

Don Juan Cafe

Don Juan Cafe had two violations, one being in critical condition.

Critical violation: Food adulterated or received from unapproved sources.

  1. The inspector found a two-pound case of cilantro and a case of whole tomatoes that were stored in moldy standing water in the bottom of the reach-in cooler. The food was thrown out and corrected during the inspection.

Inadequate insect/rodent control: The inspector found flies in the facility.

Sakana-Ya Sushi Bar

Sakana-Ya Sushi Bar had 11 violations, two being in critical condition.

Critical violation: Food adulterated or received from unapproved sources.

  1. The inspector found hair along the cook line in a large bowl in ready-to-use batter. The four pounds of batter was thrown out and corrected.

Critical violation: Foods not protected from contamination by other sources.

  1. The inspector found a container of fruit fly killer under 3 bay sink in the service/bar area. This was corrected and taken out of the facility.

Food not protected in general. This violation was found three times: The inspector found several squeeze bottles with food product in them that didn’t have labels. There were also three plastic containers of different meats stored double-stacked and didn’t have covers and the inspector found direct contact with the bottom of the container stacked directly above. The inspector also found two large containers of oil stored on the ground outside the facility in the dumpster area. Some sushi plates on conveyor belt were not covered. This was corrected.

Food not protected in general. This violation was found two times: The inspector found single service containers that used a scoop and stored directly in dry food product in kitchen. Also, Single service items were found to be stored directly on floor behind sushi counter.

Poor hygiene and activities of food workers. This violation was found two times: The inspector found an employee prepping food who lacked a proper hair restraint in the kitchen and a personal beverage on food prep line in kitchen.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls: The inspector found a hand wash sink in kitchen that didn’t have soap and sufficient paper towels at the time of inspection. This was corrected.

Inadequate insect/rodent control: The inspector found mouse droppings behind sushi counter, on floor behind sushi counter and on counter beneath conveyor.

Many locations passed their inspections between September 18 and 24, 2022. You can see the entire list below.

Anheuser-Busch Cafeteria Kitchen2885 Belgium RoadLysander9/22/22
Aurora’s Cafe and Gifts231 Northern Lights PlazaSalina9/23/22
Bowling Green Lanes445 South Main StreetClay9/19/22
Bull & Bear Firegrill Catering6491 Collamer RoadDewitt9/23/22
Cardano’s Pizza & Wings2608 Lodi StreetSyracuse9/21/22
Carvel Dewitt Pushcart5351 Carrick CircleDewitt9/19/22
Chengtu6430 Kirkville RoadDewitt9/21/22
Chi Soul2859 South Salina StreetSyracuse9/23/22
Chick-fil-A3974 State Route 31Clay9/22/22
Chick-fil-A7916 Brewerton RoadCicero9/21/22
Chipotle Mexican Grill #14323496 Erie Boulevard EastSyracuse9/23/22
Church of Christ Soup Kitchen1327 West Colvin StreetSyracuse9/20/22
Cicero North Syracuse Athletic Boost6002 State Route 31Cicero9/23/22
Clam Bar (The)3914 Brewerton RoadClay9/23/22
Coppertop Tavern Event House3372 Milton AvenueCamillus9/19/22
Dark Horse Tavern (The)4312 East Genesee StreetDewitt9/22/22
Dunbar American Legion Post #1642119 Dell StreetSyracuse9/23/22
Dunkin Donuts4 Chevy DriveDewitt9/20/22
Dunkin Donuts4744 Buckley RoadSalina9/19/22
Empire Buffet 983179 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt9/22/22
Faith Heritage School3740 Midland AvenueSyracuse9/22/22
Fayetteville Manlius Rod & Gun Club4545 Whetstone RoadManlius9/20/22
Fortune Hawaii Zhu4324 East Genesee StreetDewitt9/23/22
Green Lakes Lanes7930 East Genesee StreetManlius9/22/22
Happy Star 1243 East Main StreetElbridge9/23/22
Hearth Management @ Franciscan Villa6900 Buckley RoadSalina9/19/22
Hollow Mobile Unit (The)3735 West Seneca TurnpikeOnondaga9/19/22
Jreck Subs8097 Brewerton RoadCicero9/21/22
Kevi’s Treats819 Madison StreetSyracuse9/21/22
Lookers1400 North Salina StreetSyracuse9/20/22
Mariam’s Kitchen Catering Services435 North Salina StreetSyracuse9/21/22
Mario’s Bakery505 North Main StreetCicero9/20/22
Mixing Bowl (The)103 Bennett RoadCamillus9/23/22
New York Almond Company/Bird Song Co190 Township BoulevardCamillus9/22/22
Nice Biscuit2324 Court StreetSyracuse9/23/22
No. 1 Kitchen317 Nottingham RoadDewitt9/21/22
No.1 Kitchen NY119 West Seneca StreetManlius9/20/22
Original Italian Pizza315 Fayette StreetManlius9/22/22
Panera Bread #15329542 Destiny USA DriveSyracuse9/19/22
Pappa Chubb @ The Silverbrook Café103 Bennett RoadCamillus9/23/22
Paulie’s BBQ26 Queens Way, Apt 5Camillus9/22/22
Pita Dream214 Walton StreetSyracuse9/19/22
Pizza Hut #396687365 Oswego RoadClay9/22/22
Pompey Club (The)7200 Hamilton RoadPompey9/21/22
Pork and Knife250 South Clinton StreetSyracuse9/22/22
Red Chili2740 East Erie BoulevardSyracuse9/22/22
Rick’s Polar Pops Truck #18805 Bushnell Shores RoadOnondaga County9/21/22
Rick’s Polar Pops Truck #28805 Bushnell Shores RoadOnondaga County9/22/22
Ricks Polar Pops Truck #38805 Bushnell Shores RoadCicero9/21/22
Ruston’s Diner6407 Rockcut RoadDewitt9/22/22
Salt City Sweet Spot5398 Guy Young RoadCicero9/18/22
Saltin’ the City9516 Mt Shannon DriveOnondaga County9/22/22
San Miguel Mexican Bar & Grill2 Oswego StreetLysander9/22/22
Seneca River Fire Department3457 Hayes RoadLysander9/22/22
Singers Karaoke Club1345 Milton AvenueGeddes9/21/22
Springside Farm1850 Route 91Pompey9/23/22
Syracuse Turners619 North Salina StreetSyracuse9/20/22
Tres Primos Authentic Mexican Restau1099 State Route 5Elbridge9/23/22
Valley Youth FootballValley Sports ComplexSyracuse9/20/22
Velasko Pizzeria & Deli4800 Mcdonald RoadOnondaga9/19/22
Vineyard Church – Westcott (The)718 South Beech StreetSyracuse9/21/22
Willis V. Carrier Recreation Center1033 Kinne StreetDewitt9/18/22