SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Random balloons in the sky, objects washed up on shores and bright lights in the sky, beg the question, are aliens among us?

After the recent news of the Chinese spy balloons and the mysterious objects washed up on shores in Japan and North Carolina, paranoia has been building around the world with speculation about the existence of aliens.

After the US Air Force general overseeing North American airspace stated in February that he was not ruling out aliens after a string of shoot-downs of unidentified objects, UFO “sightings” have increased.

Some people thought the Chinese spy balloon was actually a UFO, while others thought the buoy that washed up on a beach in Japan was a “godzilla egg.”

After all the speculation in recent weeks, the White House was quick to issue a clarification after the Chinese spy balloon was shot down, that the US had “no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity” tied to the recent objects.

However, even though extraterrestrial activity wasn’t tied to recent events, there has actually been an increase in UFO sightings since January, 2023,  according to a report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

In relation to recent news, an alleged UFO experiencer and UFO expert has come out with a new sci-fi novel, “After They Came,” and wants to weigh in on the topic.

UFO experiencer and expert, Dan Harary, wrote the sci-fi novel which tells the story of benevolent aliens who come to Earth to save mankind. Harary took inspiration from his personal experiences with UFOs and his father’s life, who worked with the U.S. Army for 45 years as an Engineer for new radar detection systems, guided missiles and airborne drones.

Harary did not always believe in aliens, but after allegedly experiencing UFOs himself, he began researching UFOs and aliens.

For years, human beings have speculated about the existence of aliens, and whether or not they have visited us and Harary believes there is evidence to make a strong case that ET’s and UFO’s exist.

“Our ancient ancestors drew UFOs and Alien beings in cave paintings tens of thousands of years ago; there are structures on every continent of the world from tens of thousands of years ago that modern man couldn’t make today; there are references to creatures descending from Heaven in the Bible; and there are hundreds of other pieces of evidence to make a strong case about ET’s existence, some examples being the Nazca lines in Peru, the Pyramids in Egypt, and the deathbed confessions of military men who helped cover up the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. There is endless proof that the U.S. Government and Military have known about UFO’s since Roswell in 1947, but President Truman, who began a group called the Majestic 12 to keep that news from the general public, set the mold for the leaders of every country to continue the NON-DISCLOSURE of Extraterrestrial existence because, in their opinions, ‘the general population wouldn’t be able to handle the truth.”

Author, Dan Harary

Harary believes that unless aliens make a very public entrance, it will likely continue to be dismissed by the majority of the population. 

“There has long been a protocol in the US for media outlets to mock and belittle anyone who claims they saw “an Alien” or were “abducted.” News anchors laugh about “little green men ” and “The X-Files coming to life” when discussing major news stories, like the recent U.S. Military’s downing of 3 craft over Canada that remain unidentified to this day,” said Harary. “Aliens, UFO’s, or ET’s were never part of religious or parochial schoolings in any country around the world. It simply wasn’t taught to them by their parents, their teachers or their religious leaders while growing up and many still believe this to be ‘junk science,’” stated Dan Harary. 

Whether UFOs and aliens are real is a topic of debate but nonetheless it is a real threat to the U.S. Government as they do keep track of UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon) which military personnel have common occurrences with, according to reports.

In the recent report from January, most of the UFO sightings came from U.S. military pilots and operators and were explained by balloons, drones or “clutter” (birds or plastic bags), however, 171 sightings were marked “uncharacterized and unattributed.”

Even a few U.S. Government officials believe in UFOs, for instance Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who believes they’ve been flying over the U.S. “for years,” which is why he helped form Congress’s UAP task force.

Others might say the increase in sightings is due to “frequency illusion” which is a psychological phenomenon that is a type of cognitive bias that occurs after you learned a new thing and start hearing or seeing it everywhere afterwards.

The topic has become a bit de-stigmatized over the last few years, especially as recent reports have shown increased awareness that UFO encounters may pose safety risks as “flight hazard and potential adversarial activity.”

We may get some answers this summer after NASA releases its report from its independent study on UAPs or UFOs, in July, 2023.

Until then, it’s clear that people are talking about UFOs and how they may have been visiting Earth this whole time.

For those who want to dive into the world of extraterrestrials, you can check out Harary’s book “After They Came” on Amazon.