(WSYR-TV) — Today is a special day for the United Way of Central New York and all the organizations it helps across the community. While celebrating the Day of Caring, the United Way is also celebrating its 100th anniversary.

More than 850 people are volunteering to give back to the community and celebrate the milestone. President of the United Way of Central New York Nancy Kern Eaton says the organization came about through inspiration from the mayor of Syracuse in 1917, who realized that the city government couldn’t help the community all by itself.

The city of Syracuse needed assistance from anyone and everyone who would be willing to volunteer for local organizations. The mayor’s goal was to raise $600,000 for the area, but the locals stepped up and collectively donated over $1 million in three weeks.

“This movement began of acting as one, united, to meet needs,” shares Nancy. “We really feel honored to stand on the shoulders of generations of Central New Yorkers who chose to think of others and make a difference,” she adds.

The United Way of Central New York makes a firm commitment to supporting everyone across the community and beyond. Now, they can successfully say that they’ve been uplifting people across throughout Central New York for over a hundred years.