(WSYR-TV) — Manlius Police are trying to track down the author of a troubling document discovered at a business in the village, four hours before ten people were fatally shot Buffalo.

Employees of the Manlius business didn’t think to call police until the next day, Sunday, after details emerged of the racially motivated attack and a hate filled screed posted online before the massacre.       

The typed page is numbered as page one and because it was discovered prior to the shooting, it does not appear to be a copycat or related to the Buffalo mass shooting, according to Manlius Police Chief Michael Crowell.  Titled “White Trash Party Manifesto” Chief Crowell says it contains some racial references and could be considered hateful, but not criminal. Crowell declined to name the business, and praises employees for notifying police.   

“There was no threat and no indication of any type of hate speech, but the language and the way the language was presented, it was concerning to the individual who found it, so they reported it to us,” says Chief Crowell. 

Manlius Police have shared the document with other agencies including Buffalo Police and the FBI field office in Buffalo.

“They were concerned, as we were and we shared the information with them. They indicated they would look into the language and try to help us determine if there’s a similar note or document that may have been reported in the past.” 

Chief Crowell says they are eager to chat with the author and encourages anyone with information to call Manlius Police.