(WSYR-TV) — Many Floridians have spent the past few days evacuating their homes, while others have been prepping for the tropical storm, including an Upstate New York woman.

Jackie Bielak has spent the past few days making sure her Lee County home in Estero, Florida south of Fort Myers is stocked with all of the hurricane essentials. Bielak says it’s been a long few days, filled with emotions.

“I was excited at first and now that it’s hitting me it’s kind of just wow this is surreal,” says Bielak.

Bielak moved to Lee County a few years ago, spending time between Florida and Upstate New York. She’s never witnessed a hurricane, especially not one the strength of Ian. She’s putting up storm shutters in each window, charging all electronics, and even lowering the water in her pool, a big concern with living on a lake.

“We had to shock the pool which means hopefully all the water dumps out to the lake. I hope it doesn’t come pouring in, I’m a little nervous about that. But everyone has sandbags in front of their windows and everything on ground level. So it’s a little frightening just because there’s nothing left,” says Bielak.

Bielak even has a backup plan if things get bad.

“This is going to be my security spot just in case. They say find a spot, a closet where there are no windows, there’s nothing,” says Bielak.

Nervous, but prepared.