SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Upstate University Hospital marked its tenth anniversary of it’s Community General Hospital addition today.  In 2011, the 306-bed hospital on Broad Road in Syracuse became an Upstate University Hospital at Community General.   

Both campuses began operating together, allowing for Upstate’s expansion.  In the past decade, Upstate introduced a new breast care center, a specialized emergency room for seniors, and a pediatric after-hours urgent care service.

Having the space of both campuses also helped during the pandemic.

“During the pandemic the ability to have the capacity to flex and surge between the downtown hospital and the community hospital was critical and we have now been allowed to grow by having this hospital and expanding with more and more floors.  More and more services and they have been a wonderful compliment to each other,” said Dr. Robert Corona of Upstate University Hospital.  

Upstate is the largest hospital in the region with 715 beds.