SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Upstate University Hospital is making sure our vulnerable neighbors are vaccinated through the hospital’s mobile vaccine clinic.

The clinic was held on Tuesday and filled up fast. More than 40 people received the Moderna COVID-19 shot at the Rescue Mission. The program is open to homeless, homebound and other high-risk people who need their first, second or booster doses. However, invidicuals who need a booster, must make an appointment.

Dr. Sunny Aslam, an Addiction and Outreach Psychiatrist at Upstate Hospital administered the vaccine to those in need on Tuesday. He says the Rescue Mission is just one of the many places he visits when administering the vaccine, but says its the busiest.

“To me this is basic public health 101. I can’t be helpful as a physician or a human being to anybody if they’re dead or in the hospital full of tubes and ventilators. So we’re just trying to keep the healthcare system from getting any more overwhelmed. But number one it’s the human thing to do is to offer to people, we’re not forcing anybody to do anything here but we’re offering them a chance to get vaccinated, which lowers their risk of death and being in the ICU with tubes in every part of their body,” says Dr. Aslam.

The hospital’s mobile covid vaccination team will be offering the Moderna vaccine during rounds every Tuesday from 9 am to 1 pm throughout the Syracuse area. If you’re interested in getting a vaccination from the mobile team, call 315-464-3130. Please leave name, address and phone number.

This service will be provided for the next four weeks, and extended if needed.