SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) -Upstate opened its second outpatient pharmacy near Community Hospital on Thursday.  The pharmacy will specialize in compounding, which is the mixing of complex pharmaceuticals in specialized dosages and forms.  

About 15 people will work in the new facility, which includes a walk-up counter for employees and patients. 

One of the focuses of the pharmacy will be to work with patients when they are being discharged.

“When you are part of our meds to beds program we deliver the meds directly to your bedside prior to discharge and we solve all problems before you leave the hospital.  We solve cost issues.  We solve insurance authorization issues.  We solve problems with the order issues.  So when a patient leaves the hospital they truly leave with everything they need and they can go home they can rest and they can get better.”

Eric Balotin, Upstate Retail Specialty Pharmacy Director

Upstate previously opened a downtown outpatient pharmacy in 2018.