(WSYR-TV) — The Vera House Board of Directors has announced the resignation of Randi Bregman, the organization’s co-executive director, amid controversy surrounding the hire of a known sex offender.

Vera House hired Marcus Jackson in October 2020. They say Randi Bregman, the only executive director at the time, knew about some of his previous offenses and his failure to update his address with the sex offender registry.

Vera House also says they learned about other convictions in late July 2022 that were not disclosed or reported on Jackson’s background checks. Vera House shares that a later internal review on August 15 revealed that he broke the terms of his employment and had in-person contact at a local hospital with a 17-year-old and their mother.

“Hiring Marcus Jackson was a profound mistake,” said the Vera House Board of Directors in a statement. “We apologize for the hurt this has caused you. We apologize to the people who may now question Vera House’s priorities and commitment.”

The statement also says “it is time to move forward” and shares that they accepted Bregman’s resignation Thursday night.

In her own statement, Randi Bregman shared that she will be stepping down as co-executive director effective immediately and will support the transition as needed. Fellow Co-executive Director Angela Douglas will now act as the sole executive director.

Bregman has spent 32 years at the Vera House.

You can read the statements from the board of directors, Randi Bregman, and Angela Douglas on the Vera House website.