DEWITT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– One week before the midterm elections and over three thousand voters made their way out to early voting polling locations in Onondaga County bringing the total for early voting to 13,550.

Amongst those voters was Ethan Bennett who normally votes early for convenience.

“It’s a great way to get it done early and not have to worry about getting it done on the day in case something comes up.”

Ethan Bennett, early voter

Voters Lisa Chapman and Mary Allen agree, they like the flexibility of choosing which early polling location they go to and avoiding the crowds. 

The long lines that formed during previous elections is what prompted Onondaga County to add four additional early polling locations for a total of 10 sites. The county also extended weekend hours.

Onondaga County Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner, Dustin Czarny said this move has allowed voters to dissipate across the county thus reducing the lines.

“They’re showing about five minutes between the time they come in the door till when they get their ballot which is amazing.”

Dustin Czarny, Onondaga Co. BOE Democratic Commissioner

Onondaga County Board of Elections Republican Commissioner, Michele Sardo, said more people are getting used to early voting since it started in 2019 and they’ve seen an increase in voters taking advantage of it. 

Both election commissioners are anticipating a high voter turnout on Election Day as the midterm races continue to heat up.

I think there’s a lot of major issues we gotta contend with whether it’s the clean environmental issue whether it’s who you want representing us in terms of what’s going on in Albany,” early voter Lisa Chapman said.

Early voting continues from now until Sunday, November 6 at 5pm. You can find a full list of early voting locations and hours here.

If you’re voting by absentee ballot it must be postmarked by Election Day, November 8 and if you plan to vote in person on Election Day polls are open from 6am-9pm. You can find your polling location here