CENTRAL NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — Looking to stay cool in your own pool this summer? You’re not alone — pools are a hot commodity.

“The pandemic changed the way people think and a lot of people are still nesting. So a lot of people are getting above ground pools,” says Cliff Malzman, president and co-owner of Cannon Pools and Spas.

But some companies, like Crystal Clear Pools & Spas on Brewerton Road in Cicero, are having a hard time staying above water this summer.

“Right now, we’re about a week behind from where we anticipated at this point this year,” says Jim Rushford, project manager at Crystal Clear Pools & Spas.

Rushford says although they’re a little behind schedule, Crystal Clear Pools is still able to get all pool installations done this summer.

“The customers that we do have scheduled to be installed this year, will be installed this year. The weather has played into our favor so we’ve been able to install and keep up a good pace,” says Rushford.

However, because of supply chain issues and labor shortages, some people are having to wait until next year to take a dip.

“Right now, if a customer were to come in and they want a pool, we’re at next year. Next year, right off the bat, I’m telling them 2023,” says Rushford.

The family-owned company says they’re having a difficult time getting products containing titanium.

Rushford added, “Converting from chlorine to salt system, one of the materials in the salt cell is titanium cell — getting those are very difficult to come by. Ordering them is sometimes several months.”

Bigger companies like Cannon Pools and Spas on Taft Road in Liverpool says last year was difficult, completely selling out. But this year is looking better.

“We bought very heavily at the beginning of the year. So for people coming in now and want an above ground pool we can actually build it in about two weeks,” says Cliff Malzman, president and co-owner of Cannon Pools and Spas.

If you want an in-ground pool, you might have to wait much longer.

Malzman added, “If it’s the right project we can still build it this fall, and if not, we can build it in the spring.”

Hot tubs are also tough to come by. Some people are having to wait a few months, depending on the type they’re looking for.

Be sure to plan ahead if you’re looking to cool!