WEST MONROE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — With barely any snow on the ground, it’s been a tough year for those who love winter sports, including snowmobilers.

For many Central New Yorkers, their sleds should be out, and trails should be groomed by now.

“It usually starts around Christmas but lately it hasn’t. She hasn’t been nice to us,” said Mark DeCuffa, the owner of Two Guys from Italy Pizzeria and Sports Bar in West Monroe.

DeCuffa is talking about mother nature.

Snowmobiling is what keeps business booming.

“Naturally when we get enough snow our club opens up the trails for us and we’re able to ride at least until March,” said DeCuffa.

So far, that hasn’t happened. In fact, DeCuffa says the season hasn’t even started.

“Trails are closed. Got landowners with private properties and we got to respect the land owners, we got to respect that land,” said DeCuffa.

This weekend, there was snow on the ground. However, DeCuffa says the temperatures are too warm, preventing people from riding.

“The club won’t open up the trails without snow accumulation on the trails because it would be too dangerous,” said DeCuffa.

So what should the weather look like?

“Under 25 degrees, lake effect snow coming off Lake Ontario, getting a couple of inches an hour and no thaws whatsoever,” said DeCuffa.

For now, trails remain closed. But DeCuffa keeps a positive attitude, hoping they’ll open at least once or more before the season ends.