(WSYR-TV) — A black bear seemed to have lost its bearings and wound up in a yard in Cincinnatus on Friday, July 29.

The video of the bear was sent to NewsChannel 9 by viewer Ed Lewis. His doorbell camera caught the bear walking across his yard on State Route 41 around 7:30 p.m. before it trotted off.

In June, there were several black bear sightings in Central New York. One intrepid bear was seen adventuring around backyards in Clay. A few weeks later, more were spotted in Verona and Norwich.

The New York State Department of Environment Conservation (NYSDEC) says that if you spot a bear outside, you should not approach it. Courtney Lamere, a wildlife biologist at the NYSDEC, says that if you’re inside, make loud sounds so the bear knows you are there from a safe distance. Lamere says that the most important thing you can do before a bear arrives is to not leave any food in your yard for the bear to find. You should also secure your garbage cans.

The NYSDEC also says that Central New York is not considered a primary area for black bears.