ONEIDA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — New York State Police are reminding drivers to move over, because it’s the law.

Back in 2010, the Move Over Law was passed. The law states that if there is any sort of vehicle with flashing lights, like police cars, tow trucks, construction vehicles, help vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances, the driver must slow down and give the vehicle space, and preferrable, if the driver is able, should move over into the next lane.

In 2019, 26 New York State Police vehicles were struck. All of those had their flashing lights on, indicating they were involved in a traffic stop in some way.

The New York State Police, as well as other law enforcement agencies, are reminding drivers to slow down and move over.

On Monday, the New York State Police held a press conference to discuss the law. You can watch that below:

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