SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh says he’s done with excuses and announced Tuesday several actions to force the owners of the Skyline Apartments on James Street to fix health, safety, code, and security problems at the troubled high-rise.

The disgusting living conditions in the building came under scrutiny again when a 93-year-old resident of the building, Connie Tuori, was found murdered in her apartment.

Mayor Walsh said when he recently toured the building, residents told him two things: They want the landlord, Green National, held accountable, and they do not want to be forced from their homes.

Green National is owned by former NFL and SU Football star Tim Green and his son.

Walsh says the city will declare the public spaces of the building in violation of the city’s nuisance abatement law. The city is limiting the designation to the public spaces so the residents can remain. It sites 12 drug, weapons, or assault arrests in the last two years the city claims make it in violation of the nuisance abatement law.

That requires the owners to correct the health violations, including human feces and urine, and syringes in stairwells. It would also require the company to install new locks on the doors throughout the building, provide 24-hour security, and install surveillance cameras.

“I’m done with excuses.  I’m done with second chances.  Actions speak louder than words and the actions we are taking today are going to compel action by the property owners,” the mayor said. “And if they don’t they are not going to have control over that property much longer.”

Walsh said penalties under the nuisance abatement law include increased fines, placing the property in receivership, and possible criminal charges.

In addition to using the nuisance abatement law, the city is going to the state supreme court seeking a judgment against Green National to force them to correct code violations.

The city is also going to declare the public spaces in the building as “unfit,” clearing the way for Onondaga County’s Social Services Department to stop paying rent to Green National for social services clients who live there.

During Walsh’s news conference, Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon directed the county social services department to stop paying rent to Green National on behalf of Temporary Assistance clients. He is also offering the county’s help in relocating those clients if they want to move. He also offered any resident of the building the county’s assistance in finding other living arrangements and said they could call 315-435-2700 for help.

Walsh says while the current COVID-related moratorium on evictions keeps the owners from getting rid of problem tenants, Walsh says it’s no excuse for correcting the chronic problems at the building. He says he’s been in contact with the company, which has promised to take action.

“The track record of these owners is abysmal and the actions we’re taking have very specific time frames associated with them. So there will be no wiggle room there will be no second chances. The time for action is now through the processes that I outlined, there’s accountability and if they don’t act they will be held fully accountable,” the mayor said.

Watch the mayor’s briefing below: