Wayne County Sheriff addresses calls of dogs in the cold

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The brutal cold over the weekend prompted a lot of concern over a Lyons man and his dogs that neighbors say were left outside in the dangerously cold temperatures.

The Wayne County Sheriff says his deputies have been to the house on Middle Sodus Road several times in the last few weeks.

“Every time we went out there the animal cruelty officer we found no loss of hair, no frostbite, the weight was consistent with the other times that we went out there and they found the dogs to be in good health overall,” said Sheriff Barry Virts.

There are 12 dogs on the property, six of them are puppies.

According to the law, any animal kept outside has to have shelter, food and water nearby.

Though the video did not show it, District Attorney Michael Calarco says there was.

“There has to be a cause to make an arrest and in terms of animal cruelty, these animals were on a private individual’s property so the threshold on that is eminent of harm or danger,” said Calarco.

That being said the dog owner is not off the hook.

“Now I will say from a pet owners perspective we would want all of our pet owners to be “A plus” in how they take care of their animals and I don’t believe that [the owner] was at that level, he’s probably down around a “C” or “D” pet owner,” said Virts.

The sheriff says deputies had to convince the owner to take the dogs inside when the temperatures were at dangerous levels.

They also informed him to put more straw in the pens as their outdoor shelters where not adequately insulated.

He says his office will continue to monitor the safety of the dogs.

The sheriff, along with the animal cruelty officers will be going out on Tuesday to check if the dog owner is meeting the conditions.

Since the investigation is ongoing and no arrest has been made, Sheriff Virts says he could not talk about previous accusations against the owner. 

See the entire press conference below. Mobile users click here. 

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