MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On December 7, 1941, Edward Stone was just 18-years-old. He was aboard the USS Pyro, stationed at Pearl Harbor serving as a radioman. He was in the radio room that fateful morning.

“Almost immediately we heard guns going off and the officers on the bridge had General Ruarters rung,” Stone recalled. “I saw several planes flying towards battleship row — they could not have been more than a 100 feet off the water.”

Although 80 years have passed, it’s a time in his life he will never forget. He ran to the radio room door. When he opened it, a bomb exploded in the dock.

“The one that missed us by 12 feet,” Stone said.

He’s thankful to have survived.

“No injuries,” Stone added, “All that bomb did was was through a lot of concrete around on the ship. We were lucky.”

Because of that, he often shares his experiences. Before the pandemic, Stone would go to schools to talk about his duties on that day with students.

“A lot of them have never heard from a person that was there,” Stone said.

At 98-years-old, he’s proof age is just a number.

“I don’t feel any older than I did the morning of the attack, 18, but I know I am older,” he said.

He wants everyone to know how important this day is. That’s why he won’t stop sharing his experience so the memories of pearl harbor are never forgotten.

Edward Stone is the last living Pearl Harbor survivor in Onondaga County.