Wellness Wednesday: Auburn students start fitness channel to spread message of self-love

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AUBURN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For two Auburn High School students, wellness is well-rounded.

The duo has been producing workout videos for their district for two months. It was an idea fueled by passion and self-love that started by accident.

Jenna Sliwka was bored of the weights in Auburn High School’s weight room.

We just started doing moves that we’ve seen in people’s workouts before and our phys ed teacher was really impressed that we knew these moves and we were doing them with form, and she said that we should make a show about teaching people fitness.

Leah Howard — Sliwka’s friend and video partner

That’s how “Witness the Fitness” was born.

Sliwka is a dancer and Howard is a gymnast. Together, their different backgrounds in health, wellness, and fitness bring something special to their videos.

Every week they record a new workout class and upload it to their YouTube channel.

“We will do cardio one week, and then we’ll do strength the next, and then we’ll work on flexibility,” said Sliwka.

The videos will make you sweat but they’re about much more than losing a few pounds or bulking up.

“It’s self-care more than anything else. People think it’s a hassle and it’s not. You should do it because you love your body not because you hate it and want it to change.”

Leah Howard

“We want to bring in talking about nutrition and the importance of rolling out and like taking care of your body as a whole,” Sliwka said.

The videos range anywhere from two to 20 minutes and the pair plans to make them through the summer.

They say putting the classes together is fun but it’s more than a hobby, and the message is one they hope will keep spreading.

“I hope that they [exercise participants] feel empowered and inspired. Don’t think about all the horrible things you tell yourself,” said Howard.

If you’d like to check out their YouTube channel click here.

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