CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The staff at J and R Property Services are ready for whatever the conditions are outside.

“There could be a thunderstorm that pops, there could be a number of things that pop up,” said Ted Hoffman, the General Manager. “Rain, project delays, the heat, the snow.”

Now they are dealing with the smoke from Canadian wildfires.

“We’ve been in business for 20 years now and we’ve never experienced anything like this,” Hoffman explained.

They have made adjustments, with Hoffman sending an alert to his crews on the safety measures being taken on Wednesday, June 7.

“We strongly recommend using the N95 mask to protect yourself. If you need a mask or the conditions are bothering you, please reach out to your manager right away,” Hoffman said while reading the message sent to staff.

Hoffman said anyone who has health concerns stayed home Wednesday. Those who came to work, have adjusted schedules and are being switched to shorter jobs outside.

“Anything from mowing lawns to doing small landscapes, trimming of shrubs things of that nature,” Hoffman explained. “So, we’re doing mostly maintenance today, rather than design or install or labor intensive stuff.”

The conditions outside impact everything the workers here, so on a regular basis they make sure the staff have what they need including masks and even water for outside,” Hoffman said.

“We strongly recommend it and encourage it,” Hoffman added, “We provide all the masks. We provide all the safety gear, right next to their clock in.”