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What Dennis Coal & Stove Co. customers can do now that it closed

Other coal suppliers stepping up; AG's office taking complaints from customers

APULIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Dennis Coal & Stove Co. customers are wondering where to turn now that it appears clear the business has abruptly closed for good.

Signs on the shop in Fabius state 'Closed for Business'.

The NewsChannel 9 Your Stories Team has heard from several customers who have paid ahead for coal deliveries, but not received them and not gotten their money back.

The New York State Attorney General's office says these customers should file a formal complaint with their office.

Click here for a link to that complaint form.

This is not a quick process and there are no guarantees of what amount of money, if any at all, customers would get back.

In another development, other coal suppliers are stepping up.

GTS Coal in Jamesville says it has enough supply to help out Dennis Coal customers, though they can't help them get their money back.

Woodford Bros. Inc. in Apulia says it also has enough supply.

"We can certainly help them out and we may make some special exemption for people who had put down a deposit, we'll see what we can do in that department absolutely," Woodford Bros. President Tom Woodford tells NewsChannel 9.

He says a couple of times Woodford Bros. looked into buying Dennis Coal & Stove Co. from Nancy Dennis.

"Years ago we put out a feeler of well if she ever wanted to sell that business let us know, so she had contacted us this summer and we went over and took a look at the property and things she had but the fact is nothing became of it."

He says it wasn't until some people sent him a picture of the 'Closed for Business' sign on the shop's windows that he found out the business had ended operations permanently.

Woodford Bros. has about 1,500 tons of coal on site right now for their customers and Dennis Coal customers as well.

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