FAMILY HEALTHCAST — The threat of losing their jobs has pushed many healthcare workers across new york to get a COVID shot.

Statewide, the vaccination rate for hospital and nursing home employees rose by Monday night to 92 percent of workers having received at least one dose. As for the rest of Americans who have recently gotten vaccinated, a new poll shows what motivated them.

At the top of the list, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation poll, the highly transmissible Delta variant tops the list. Among those vaccinated since June 1, 39% said they were motivated by transmission of the Delta variant, 38% said they got the shot because if the growing burden of COVID-19 on hospitals, and 36% said they did it because they by knew someone who became seriously ill or died.

Thirty-five percent said a major reason was to participate in activities where vaccinations are required, such as traveling. Nineteen percent said it was because it was mandated by their employer.

The report said 19% of the recently vaccinated said social pressure from family and friends was a major reason for getting vaccinated.

And as Booster shot clinics begin to open here in Central New York and across the country, the poll also asked people about their willingness to get a third shot. In the fully vaccinated population, 55% said they would “definitely” get a booster if recommended; 3% of adults surveyed said they had already received an additional dose.