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What's going on with Windstream?: Your Stories

CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The Your Stories line has been flooded with calls and emails from Windstream customers having trouble completing a call.

The service issues affected business owners and neighbors in areas like Fulton, Central Square, Manlius and Cazenovia.

Jim McGinnis of Owahgena Pizzeria said the outage cost him a pretty penny. His phone hadn't rang from Friday morning through Monday night.

"It's impacted my sales. I have lost thousands of dollars and I call up Winstream. I have been on the phone with them a number of times and no one seems to know what the problem is," said McGinnis.

Impacted customers told NewsChannel 9 that landline-to-landline calls were going through, but Verizon Wireless calls to landlines were not.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to both Windstream and Verizon Wireless for comment:

"We believe the issue is on the Verizon network, and we are working with them to resolve it as quickly as possible," said a Windstream spokesperson.

Verizon did not issue a statement, but did ask for any phone numbers trying to make the call and the number they were trying to call. Verizon added that information will help track down "if there is an issue."

Customers told us their issues seemed to be resolved Monday night.

If you have a question for the Your Stories team, call (315) 446-9900 or email YourStories@localSYR.com.

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