SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse Police Officers have called this summer “one of the busiest” they have ever seen along Erie Boulevard. On Friday and Saturday nights especially, the strip is a popular place for people to gather and watch motorcycles and vehicles go fast, burnout and squeal tires.

According to Richard Trudell, Deputy Chief Syracuse Police, as of last Thursday so far along Erie Blvd. this summer, police have issued:

  • 37 speeding tickets
  • 38 aggressive driving tickets
  • 2 DWIs
  • 21 equipment violations (loud muffler, etc.)
  • 26 license/registration violations

Back in June, Syracuse Police announced it would be stepping up patrols along Erie Blvd. to try and deter drivers from using it as a drag racing strip.

“It has been an issue that has had fatalities associated to the drag racing so it has been a pretty significant problem since the warm months and we have been addressing it since June,” said Trudell.

Earlier this summer, police say two young men died from what they believe was a result of trying to race another car down Erie Blvd. The other driver has yet to be identified.

In a special report this Thursday on NewsChannel 9, we ride along with Syracuse Police as they try and prevent people from breaking traffic laws and ticket those that do.

One key factor in the continued enforcement is the community. Our Your Stories line as well as the Syracuse Police Tip line has been overrun with complaints about loud noise and reckless driving.

“This summer we have gotten a lot more complaints,” said Officer Lonny Dotson, an 18 year veteran of the Syracuse Police Traffic Division. “The citizens in the surrounding area are putting in a lot more complaints therefore we are going to be out there addressing those complaints and try and quiet things down for them.”

When officers are patrolling the Erie Blvd. area, they are focused solely on that task.

“As we have been doing throughout the year, we have been dedicating cars just for Erie Blvd. just to deal with that issue,” said Sgt. Jason Sands of Syracuse Police. “The officers out, they are not taking calls, or anything like that they are just focusing on the traffic flow down there and any violations that they witness.”

Tune in Thursday at 11 p.m. only on NewsChannel 9 to find out what is being done to cut down on this issue that has been problem for years on Syracuse’s east side.