Which Insulation Will Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter?

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Up to 35% of heat is lost through un-insulated walls while 25% is lost through the roof. If you’re still cold in your home, your furnace may not be to blame, it could be your insulation.

Cellulose insulation is less common today than other forms of insulation but some homes still have it. “It’s a product that as you put it in it’ll settle over time. It becomes a dusty dirty mess,” said USA Insulation owner, Andy Fiorini. Over time as the cellulose insulation settles the top third or even top half of walls are no longer insulated and exposed allowing cold air in.

“Most people when they think of insulation they think of the pink stuff over here, the fiberglass,” said Andy. “And this is pretty common. Most homes built in the 70s, 80s, 90s…this is what you see even today. It’s the cheapest form of insulation. It’s an okay insulator but you can certainly do much better than this.” Foam insulation leaves gaps between wires and pipes that can lead to drafts.

USA Insulation prefers an injection foam to insulate walls. “This isn’t going to settle. This isn’t going to crack or shrink or lose any of the space in here,” said Andy. The foam fills walls in a shaving-cream-like consistency filling every nook and cranny and hardens to be like foam. Homeowners can still make adjustments, like adding an outlet with the foam insulation.

If you need to keep the thermostat high just to stay warm or find the temperature changes from room to room, your home may be insulated with cellulose or fiberglass. “After we are able to get in there and inject our premium foam, you’re going to start to feel that difference right away. Especially this time of the year,” said Jillian Fiorini.

For more information, visit USA Insulation at UsaInsulation.net/Syracuse or call 315-897-5803.

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