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POMPEY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A property owner in the Town of Pompey is sick and tired of paying for trash pickup since she’s not generating any trash at two of her properties, but right now it seems she’s out of luck. 

It was May 2018 when Feher Rubbish Removal went out of business, and Southern Onondaga Trash Systems (SOTS) switched over to Dependable Disposal.

Now property owners in the towns of Pompey, Fabius, LaFayette, and Tully are billed on their town/county taxes at a rate of $325 per year for its services, but it’s a service Patty Orr says she’s doesn’t use.

“We have three seasonal camps and two that are rarely used and one that doesn’t even have water and electric to it,” said Orr. 

In the Town of Niles where Patty lives, she can opt out of the trash collection service, but she doesn’t have that option for her properties in the Town of Pompey. 

Under SOTS there is an exemption list for businesses and farms, there’s just not an exemption for seasonal homes. 

LaFayette’s Town Supervisor, Danny Fitzpatrick tells me that decision was made carefully. “We did the thing with exemptions and the abuse was unbelievably rampant,” said Fitzpatrick. “The claim here is that this is one family’s weekly trash, that’s not real, that’s not possible.”

As of right now, SOTS won’t be considering adding the seasonal exemption, but Fitzpatrick does have a suggestion for property owners like Patty.

“If you have adjoining parcels apply to the town to make them one parcel, and talk to your accessor about saying this is a one family residence that’s part-time for the year. Then you’re paying 325 instead of 325 times three,” said Fitzpatrick. 


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