Winter blast not slowing down Dome roof project; big piece of the project coming soon

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — This current blast of winter weather may be jarring, but it hasn’t slowed down work to replace the Carrier Dome roof.

Actually, we could start to see in the next week or so some of the huge pieces of steel that will form the crown truss on the building go up on the Dome.

The crown truss, which will be completed by the end of January, will support the new roof going on the famed arena.

Dome Managing Director Pete Sala tells NewsChannel 9, “People are starting to ask me questions like what is that steel that’s going up now, that’s called the back stays. Anything that people see that’s not painted white or off-white is temporary. There’s more temporary steel than there is permanent steel that’s going into this project.”

Sala says there’s just as much or more work happening on the ground as there is in the air.

Once the crown truss is finished early next year, work will stop for the harshest part of the winter.

“So there’s a full engineering process to keep that in place, that is designed as though it will be permanent because it needs to sustain all the wind loads and any type of weather load and building load as though it were permanent to keep the building safe to occupy,” Sala says.

Work is also happening inside the Dome on things like the new sound system and lights, which will come from Ephesus Lighting in Syracuse.

“Super excited to be working with them. Every day, we’re going over design elements, looking at what things we can do in the building and outside the building and how we can light the building. They’re one of the leaders in the industry, couldn’t be happier to be working with a local company.”

But Sala is not ready to reveal too much on the center hung scoreboard going into the Dome.

“I don’t want to put too much out on that, it’s too exciting. I’d rather wait a little bit. We want to make a big splash because it is going to be unbelievable,” he says.

The project is still on track to start lowering the air-supported roof, with work on this part of the project picking up in March.

Sala explains the new roof will be hard shell for about a third on the outside edge and the rest translucent, but not clear.

“There will be a fabric component, the next generation of this fabric. You won’t be able to see through it, but it’ll pass more light than what this fabric passes, and there’s actually more of it,” he says.

Sala says safety is number one every step of the way on this project. He says that before every event, the engineer of record has to sign a document to tell them the building is safe for people to be inside.

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