SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- NewsChannel 9 read through court documents where witnesses talk about the safety and security issues at Skyline apartments. The witness statements are in the City of Syracuse’s lawsuit against Skyline’s owners, for a New York State Supreme Court judge to review.

A former security guard who worked there for a week in March 2022 said, “I did not feel safe working at Skyline.” He quit his job as a security guard after about a week. He mentioned a lack of security cameras, especially in the stairwells. He also said it was at times scary checking people into the building because he would get yelled at, people would cuss, or physically threaten him. He specifically said in his statement, “I did not feel the residents of Skyline were safe.” He also said, “I quit my employment working security at Skyline because I felt like my life was at risk working there.”

On April 29, 2022, a Syracuse Police Officer paid a visit to the building to check on security and he noticed there was only one security guard behind the desk when there should be two or even three. He said the guard told him he was called in early that day because they had no one working the lobby desk. A person living there told police there was no security covering the lobby until the afternoon.

The executive director for the Greater Syracuse Tenants Network said within the last month, staffing issues have gotten worse. Like many others, she said there is sometimes one security guard on or none at all!

There was also an incident report from earlier in the year. This incident happened in February. The court document says a woman reportedly hit a man in the back of his legs, arms, and head with a hammer.

The supreme court judge has ordered a video conference with the City of Syracuse and Green National for Thursday, May 12.

NewsChannel 9 has reached out to Green national for comment, and they haven’t responded to our requests.