SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The woman charged with murdering a 93-year-old woman at the Skyline Apartments in Syracuse appeared briefly in court on Monday for a robbery charge.

Cameras were not allowed in court for 23-year-old Victoria Afet’s court appearance. Afet was wheeled in a chair in court by deputies who were in full riot gear.

Those added measures were likely taken because at a previous bail hearing she pulled the fire alarm. That bail hearing was for 93-year-old Connie Tuori’s murder at Skyline Apartments.

Monday’s court appearance was a bail hearing for a strong armed robbery of a 74-year old woman also at Skyline Apartments. That robbery occurred February 18th.

During her court appearance, Victoria started coughing repeating out loud, “I can’t breathe.” Afet said it was because the deputies were tightening the the straps on her chair and asked if they could be loosened.

County Court Judge Matthew Doran refused to allow the straps to be loosened because he didn’t want to interfere with the security precautions the sheriff’s office had made. Judge Doran had her leave and ordered for her to have a medical examination as soon as possible as a precaution because she said she couldn’t breathe. Court continued without her.

Judge Doran decided she would be held without bail on the robbery charge. He ordered another mental competency exam.

Afet’s bail was set at $2 million in connection to the death of Connie Tuori. Afet has a lengthy history of arrests.

Afet will be arraigned on that robbery charge on May 13th.