SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Listen up ladies, have you ever wanted to try and learn how to fish?

If so, you might be onto something, as a new IPSOS study, conducted in partnership with Take Me Fishing, shows women who fish are happier and healthier.

According to Take Me Fishing — a national brand from the non-profit Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) — there’s an overwhelming number of positive benefits from fishing, yet many women still don’t feel respected by or represented within the angling community.

To help fight that stigma, Take Me Fishing launched a campaign called “Find Your Best Self on the Water” that shines a light on the “life-changing benefits of fishing and helping women.”

The study consisted of a survey of active and lapsed female and non-anglers to better understand the benefits, behaviors, and barriers they experience.

Key findings from the study include the following:

  • Nearly 50% of women who fish say that fishing teaches them patience and helps to develop their confidence.
  • Among women who fish, 1 in 4 say it improves their mood, brings them peace, and helps them manage their mental health and long-term stress. 
  • Women who fish report greater perseverance and are more likely to say that setbacks do not discourage them.
  • Women who fish have higher self-esteem and a clear mind (mindfulness). 
  • Women who fish have overall more happiness, grit, patience, health and confidence.

The research — a first to take a deep dive into female attitudes and behaviors around fishing — is driving a new integrated marketing campaign that shines a light on fishing benefits that helps women to “Find Your Best Self on the Water.”

“Fishing and boating have a profound impact on a woman’s life,” said Rachel Piacenza, Senior Director of Marketing, at RBFF. “Our research shows this and our newest campaign is going a long way to accurately and inclusively depict this key audience, ideally inspiring more females to feel comfortable trying this life-enhancing activity.”

Lack of representation is intimidating and prohibitive for at least one in every four female anglers, and according to the study, women of color tend to agree even more with this statement.

Through Take Me Fishing’s “Find Your Best Self on the Water” campaign, women anglers can learn how to catch a fish, how to tie fishing knots, what type of fishing gear and tackle they need to buy, and of course how to get a fishing license.

For additional insights and to help inspire more women to try on the benefits of fishing and boating, visit Take Me Fishing’s website.