Update 8:45 a.m. Friday 3-3-2023 — The final letter, the “J”, has been hoisted upon the JMA Wireless Dome.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse community will notice a change to the Syracuse University campus skyline this week as the JMA Wireless Dome signs are starting to be installed on the facility’s crown truss and exterior.

For the first time ever the Syracuse University Dome, which opened its doors in 1980, announced in May of 2022 that it had a new name after partnering with JMA Wireless for a 10-year partnership for naming the rights of the iconic on-campus stadium.

The JMA Wireless Dome or the JMA Dome signs were designed by Geiger Engineers in Suffern, New York, and are being fabricated and installed by JPW Companies, a local company, located on Thompson Road in Syracuse.

“Much like the enhancements to the signage inside the JMA Dome, the exterior sign installation is another exciting moment in our partnership with JMA Wireless,” says John Wildhack, director of Athletics. “These new signs are a visible display of Syracuse University’s proud partnership with JMA Wireless, two organizations that have a deep-rooted commitment to the Central New York community.” 

They weigh a total of 68,000 pounds, which is equivalent to 34 tons. Each letter is so big that JPW is bringing each section by crane and connecting them together up at the Dome, as they are too big to go down the road. 

“We are proud to work with a local company to fabricate these signs made from steel sourced right here in the U.S.,” says Vice President and Chief Campus Facilities Officer Pete Sala.

Some facts on the main JMA Dome sign to be installed include the following: 

  • The westward-facing sign will be attached to the crown-truss portion of the JMA Dome’s roof and will be 2,220 square feet, approximately the same size as two basketball courts.
  • It will stand approximately 200 feet off the ground and become one of the largest stadium signs in the country.
  • It will weigh in at 68,500 pounds, which translates to 32 tons or the weight of 17 cars.
  • Standing 47 feet tall, including the JMA rings, it will be slightly taller than the iconic Hollywood sign in California. 
  • The letters alone will be 25 feet tall. The A from the bottom to the top of the rings above the letter will reach 47 feet high. The entire sign on top of the dome will be 68 feet in length.
  • Two cranes are required for the installation due to the size and sheer mass of the signs. 

The new partnership between Syracuse University and JMA Wireless — including the continuing transformation of the JMA Dome and the impact of the Dome’s enhancements on the Syracuse University community and CNY — was outlined earlier this year.

Throughout the installation of the signs, the upper sidewalk on the west side of the JMA Dome, between the two sets of stairs, will continue to be closed.

Additionally, the Irving Avenue pull-off (across from Dineen Hall) and the adjacent sidewalk will be closed. This will provide the contractors a safe location to unload and assemble the signage.

All pedestrians will be required to use the sidewalk on the west side of Irving Avenue during this time. Accessible pathways up to campus will not be affected.