SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Many people have been forced to work from home during the pandemic, which means filing taxes is going to look a little different for them. A Certified Public Accountant with Grossman St. Amour Certified Public Accountants explained what needs to be done in order to get a deduction.

Kathleen Kaminski who works for Grossman St. Amour said those working from home need to prove they work in one room.

“If they file a schedule C under self-employed, there is opportunity for home office deduction, but the first qualifying factor is there must be a room in the house used exclusively and regularly for business.”

She adds sitting at a dining room table, or on the couch doesn’t qualify.

Kaminski said those who have a home office space but may have thrown away receipts from what they bought to make working at home possible, still have a chance to qualify for deductions.

“That simplified method entitles a qualifying taxpayer to deduct $5 per square foot from that home office room and the maximum is 300 square feet.”

Accounting Professor for LeMoyne College, Mitchell Franklin, said with everything being so different because of the pandemic, it’s a good idea to get help.

“If you’re not comfortable doing it, use a professional preparer, especially if that preparer can find other credits or other ways to lower your bill or maybe get you money back that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”