TOWN OF SPAFFORD, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– Normally when you get a knock on your door from an Amazon delivery driver you expect to receive a package, but on Thursday night Town of Spafford neighbor Thomas Steves got a different request.

“I saw her with her flashlight coming down the driveway and she knocked and then she asked if we could help her,”

Thomas Steves, Town of Spafford neighbor

The Amazon driver had gone off the road into a ditch and couldn’t get out. Steves and his neighbor tried to help but the truck was too lodged in the ditch. Steves let the Amazon driver wait at this house until a ride arrived to pick her up, but the truck remained.

Fast forward nearly a week and the truck was still abandoned in the ditch on Nunnery Road and neighbors were getting frustrated. 

“I mean six days, tomorrow will be seven days it’s been sitting here which seems kind of crazy with a major company like Amazon,”

Matthew O’Brien, Town of Spafford neighbor

The homeowner whose front lawn the truck was sat on tried calling NYS Police, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, and even the Highway Superintendent to try and get the truck removed but to no avail. That’s when O’Brien called the Your Stories team for help.

We went out to the site of the incident to see the truck for ourselves. Damage from the accident was still very evident on Nunnery Road. A telephone pole had visible damage where the Amazon truck hit it, debris from the truck was on the front lawn and a mailbox was run over. 

NewsChannel Nine reached out to the NYS Police, Onondaga County Sheriff’s, and Amazon to get some answers. 

Two hours later a tow truck finally showed up and removed the Amazon vehicle leaving neighbors happy but wondering what took so long. 

Amazon tells NewsChannel 9 they are looking into this incident.