CANASTOTA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– It’s been just over three weeks since we shared disturbing details about a Canastota man who passed away while residing at Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing. 

Richard Bennett, the late James Bennett’s brother said the problems started well before his passing in March 2022 but since then he’s had a difficult time getting a hold of his brother’s medical records and reimbursed for missing belongings. 

The day our first story aired, Van Duyn said they would work with the family to get them the medical records and reimbursement check, but less than 24 hours later Richard said the facility was back to ignoring his calls. 

“So I waited two or three days and I called Adam back and I got the same thing that I always get with Adam, no answer,” Richard Bennett said. 

The runaround continued for the next two weeks, so NewsChannel 9 reached back out to the facility. Van Duyn said Richard wasn’t listed as James’ healthcare agent and therefore couldn’t receive the reimbursement of medical records. 

But Richard remained persistent and received a phone call from an administrator a day after he told the facility he would be sharing his calls with NewsChannel 9 Your Stories.

“So later that afternoon I get a call from the administrator… stating that she wants to give me the reimbursement check and she’s going to send me the medical records.”

Richard Bennett, Brother of late James Bennett

To Richard’s surprise, he had the check and medical records in hand by July 1st.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to Van Duyn after Richard received the documents to ask why they changed their mind. The facility said in an email they were able to verify Richard’s relationship with James and he was subsequently reimbursed and the records were released. 

But Richard says the documents don’t bring him any closure as he now combs through hundreds of pages of medical records finding more questions than answers, but none that will bring his brother back. 

“Don’t go there, don’t bring your loved ones there because they’re gonna come out in a body bag.”

Richard Bennett, Brother of late James Bennett

Now hoping his pleas can save at least one family from the pain he feels every day.