SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A recent question to the Your Stories Team is likely one on the minds of of many parents:

Do you have an update on the infant formula shortage? Do issues persist?

Earlier this year, stores had a difficult time keeping formula on shelves due to a national shortage. The problem was compounded when Abbott, one of the largest formula makers in the country, closed its plant in Michigan for months due to contamination issues.

Where do things stand now?

For an update, NewsChannel 9 spoke with Helena Bottemiller Evich, the founder of Food Fix. She’s been writing on food policy for decades, including this very topic.

Evich said, big picture, supply is better than it was, but not back to normal.

Adding, that some stores shelves can still look partially empty and parents may see brands they don’t recognize because of foreign product.

There’s enough formula being made to meet the nation’s demand, however, parents may struggle to find certain brands they want or need, particularly specialty formula. She said people may be forced to shop around and buy another brand of formula to get them through.

Evich said that she is shocked the disruption has lasted this long and thinks it will likely take until next year to restore store shelves to what most people would consider normal.

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