SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – We have an update to a question we answered earlier this month!

Viewers Paul and Nick, contacted the Your Stories Team in late December/early January, complaining about the condition of the railroad spur on Tex Simone Drive near NBT Bank Stadium. Both were concerned that the rough ride would damage cars trying to cross the abandoned track.

Since our first story aired, the road has been fixed.

Infrastructure Public Information Officer, Kelly Montague with the City of Syracuse, called it a temporary fix. Crews worked last weekend to make some repairs and pave over the rail spur with asphalt.

The YS Team asked if a more permanent repair was going to be done in the future. Montague said that will be defined, once the City determines who is responsible for the condition of the road.

The City is trying to determine if that portion of Tex Simone Drive is its responsibility or if upkeep falls on CNY Regional Market.

While those details get hammered out, enjoy the smoother ride if you use this crossing.

The YS Team will update this story if we learn of a permanent repair, such as the track being removed completely.

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