(WSYR-TV)– The Fair is around the corner, so we want to answer some questions you may have regarding this year’s event

Today we tackle COVID-19. Will there be COVID-19 safety protocols at the Fair this year?

You may remember, last year masks were required in all buildings. Those who were unvaccinated were required to wear a mask outside.

This year, you can drop the mask because there are no mandates on the Fairgrounds!

Alice Maggiore, Associate Director of Public Information, sent the following statement:

The State Fair will follow guidelines recommended by the CDC and New York State Department of Health. At this time, there are no restrictions in place. Masks are not required in buildings, but we ask fairgoers and visitors to proceed with what they’re comfortable with. However, with masks still required on public transportation, please note, fairgoers utilizing Centro services – including shuttling from parking lots into the Fairgrounds – will need to wear masks while aboard Centro buses.

Maggiore said masks will be available inside Fair buildings via dispensers. The masks will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.         

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